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We provide services related to Seafarers’ Documentation | Ship Chartering | Flags and Classification Societies | Ship Surveys, Ship Inspections and Audits | Ship Repairs Squad and Dry-docking Assistance | Ship Management and All kinds of Online Marketings Services

Ship Chartering and Brokerage

Ship Management

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Ship Chandling  And Ship Spares Supply

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Oil, Gas Trading and Bunker Supply

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Services we offer

We are a firm presence in the Ship Chartering business worldwide. We have successfully tailored many chartering deals for all types of cargoes (Bulk cargoes wet and dry both, containers and general cargoes etc). A number of our Prime Partners are plying national and international flagged vessels worldwide shipping the essentials to every continent in the world.

If you are a ship owner, a charterer or a shipper , please feel free to send an enquiry so that we can connect you to the tailor made deals for your business.

Our competent staff teams (onshore and offshore both) are successfully managing the vessels of our Prime Partners around the globe. Our track record makes us one of the leading ship management company in the world.

The competency level and work ethics of our staff are the assets of us. A young and dynamic team of the Ship Officers and the Crew handpicked by the us are serving a number a shipowners globally.

The oceans flow without the borders and boundaries, so does the trading needs of our Prime Partners and Hence we are here to keep you with the flow…

We are a network of leading ship chandlers that can serve your needs round the clock around the world. Our brand is the quality of the supplies we deliver. We supplies all types of ship spares and safety equipment globally. We are a proud partner of International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA) , IMPA and IMPCA. We can supply you the best-in-class items at competitive prices.

We are the veteran in seafarers’ documentations. We are actively proud partners of Panama, Honduras, Palau, Liberia, St. Kitts and Navis, Liberia, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Guyana and many other IMO Whitelisted.

We provide assistance in all types of:

  • Crew documentation COCs and  COE
  • Seaman-books and watch-keepings
  • GMDSS and SSO
  • All types of STCW Courses
  • Offshore courses and other value-added courses.

A well-knit and thoroughly coordinated web of our Inspection and Auditors are working round the clock for the ease of access of our Prime Partners.

We conduct all types of Survey, Inspections and audits as per the requirements of our clients.

We have successfully conducted:

  • Ship Vettings
  • Pre Purchase Surveys
  • Pre Charter Survey
  • Bunker Surveys and Cargo Survey
  • OVID’s
  • Hull and Machinery Survey and many other industry compatible inspections

We have a vast experience in all types of Flags and Classification Societies (IACS and Non IACS both) Certificates and documentation.

we are proudly recognized by a number of reputed whitelisted Flags and classification societies around the globe.

Our competent team of administration is available round the clock to serve you. A well-coordinated network of our Flag state and Class Inspectors are readily available to serve you at any coordinates in the world.

Our digital platforms for your documentation needs are a cut above the edge, and we monitor all the requirements of our esteemed clients.

We are catering for all types of Delivery Voyages and Demolition Voyage of the ships worldwide. We have successfully carried out a number of scrap and demolition voyages to the major Scrap yards (IndiaPakistanBangladesh and China) in the world. We have Special demolition teams that can reactivate all types of vessel for their last voyages to the scrap yards.

We have a well connected team of professionals and engineers who has a through knowledge and vast experience of marine industry and its mechanical needs. Our ship repairs teams are readily available and are well backed by our technical superintendents through the leading technical brands like CaterpillarMitsubishiDetroitMAN , Sulzer etc.

We have a firm footprint in the Oil and Gas industry. Our Prime Team is either a Mandate or working closely with the mandates of many leading oil refineries, oil and Gas suppliers in the world. We can provide you all the types and grades best quality fuel at a very competitive price.